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Every New Year, it is customary to find the internet already flooding with top trends and predictions for 2018. Typing online marketing trends 2018 in Google offers a bevy of articles and blog posts with valuable insights. While the comments and experts opinions found there are quite good, yet a deeper perspective reveals a startling similarity with the trends that ran in early 2017. It is always the same, more or less. Content is kingsocial media is super important, mobile marketing rules, and information quality has to be more and more engaging. Then again, every year also has something trending as new.

What is still the same?
One word: quality. It is everything on the internet. The demand for quality is mandatory and totally guaranteed. Google cannot afford any two sites to have the same content. Google cannot afford a less-good site to score over a good one in its results. The search engine is bound by true, genuine quality and that is how the internet is Rock n Roll! It should be good. Only then, people would feel compelled to read, share, and comment. However, the internet is evolving every single second! User engagement is deepening to almost undecipherable levels.

Essentially, the human mind is always evolving and progressing. Internet is a complete simulation of human consciousness encrypted in the virtual. With opened perceptions, and availability of 360 degree information, content developers have to go that extra mile in writing stuff that really connects. Competition is seriously tough. In 2014, several distinct trends did evolve that are sure to continue an impact in 2015. Check out the following.

What is new?
Image oriented content: Sites such as Buzzfeed have been perfecting the image oriented content strategy. Quirky one liners accompanied with images often manage to command millions of views. Speaking of image communication, the animated GIF images have exploded in the virtual scenario at 2017! There are often funny as heck and have some sort of a subtitle to make it funnier even. Many of the photos come attached with a quote in the subtitles.

Memes are also having field days with people sharing them. This has to do with social media. 2017 also saw a burst of new FB pages on almost anything under the moon. These are mostly imaged based profiles and they are getting popular.

Return of art: One of the best things to happen on the net in 2018 is the return of the arts in usual communication. Take the numerous excellent pages on FB for example. Many of these are based on esoteric topics, and many are actually exclusive art pages. From fantasy art to renaissance and religious recreations, artists are back!
Actually, the surreal is strangely back, big time. Although marketers are yet to find ways to monetize this burst of imagination adequately, yet maybe that is the point! A new kind of marketing for imaginative consumers is definitely on process of development! It is already showing up as t-shirts with art prints, novelty shops like Etsy, and stuff.

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