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The various advantages clutched with guest blogging has made it quite popular amongst the bloggers. It has now become one of the most effective tools for the authors to build and enhance their exposure and reputation in the industry. But if you fail to use this tool wisely, there are chances that you will get no advantage out of it. Though creating guest postings doesn’t demand highend knowledge of the technical niches. But still there are certain things which you need to take care of when creating posts for other portals.

The listings briefed below outline the common mistakes committed by the individuals when creating a ‘guest post’. Knowing about the few will help you to create worthy guest postings.

Creating the post without researching– There are a number of writers who just start creating the post without researching about the type of content accepted by the portal. And the end result is their post gets rejected by the administrators of that portal where they intend to get their article published. As a matter of fact, you need to know that different portals pose with a different format of the posts. So make sure that you carry a thorough research about the various particulars of the blog before creating/submitting to it.

Not submitting a sample article– Most of the time bloggers do not give importance to knowing about the guidelines of the guest post. They find it a sheer wastage of time. And as a consequence the end result is the post is rejected. Thus, make sure to educate yourself about the writing style and the kind of post that is required/accepted by the administrators of that blog.

Writing only about the niches held by your domain– There are many who limit their guest postings to the topics contained in their domain. Though there is no harm in this, but this further limits the chances of making a grand stand of their blog on the web.Thus, you must consider writing about all kinds of niches from personal finance to entrepreneurship to optimization to life-hacking to all other kinds of niches. Writing on a variety of topics will help you in building links with even more social circles.

Including the affiliate links– Including affiliate links to a guest post is not a good idea. Just don’t do it. This will not add any kind of credit-worthiness to your post.

Submitting an unfinished article– You should never submit an unfinished post to the administrators. Of course, such a post will get rejected immediately. Make sure the one you submit should be a finished one, ready to be inserted into WordPress. Format your post and add other relevant elements required to make the post finished one.

No doubt that getting your posts published on other sites will give you great results and will help you in building a renowned designation in the industry. But you will get the best treat out this advertisement tool only if your effort features no silly mistakes.

Happy Guest Blogging!

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